"As a rock performer. I've rocked a lot of swag in my time including some great work from other designers. That said, I'm compelled to give a BIG A+ to Virginia of Crystal Quinn Art and her unique vision and craftsmanship! The way she works with crystals and other materials to create 'Art for the Body' is truly inspiring. So if you're looking for something dramatically different for the stage or just for everyday life, check out Crystal Quinn Art." -Chris 
"Each piece of jewelry made by Crystal Quinn Art is so beautiful in its own way, but how they are wrapped with such love and care makes them so much more special. The quality of this jewelry is astounding. The positive energy from each piece is so uplifting, it really do make such a positive difference in my day. Two of my favorite necklaces from Crystal Quinn Art are my emerald and rose quartz. I genuinely love them all though, it's hard for me to just pick one. They are unique, elegant, gorgeous and truly stunning. The positive and beautiful energy they have just bring a smile to my face when I pick which one I will wear for the day." -Laura
"I absolutely adore my pieces from Crystal Quinn Art! Whenever I wear them I feel strong, protected, and beautiful. I have several of Virginia's distinctive designs, and I love that each is one of a kind. They are precious to me." - Rosemary
"Stunning...this describes both Virginia and her jewelry. My hubby surprised me with my first two incredible necklaces after consulting with Virginia.They decided on a rose quartz and a Tahitian pearl. The pictures of her creations are the bomb, but cannot possibly convey the way her jewelry makes me feel when I put it on. My husband surprised me again with two additional pieces, one malachite and one fluorite. Every single piece makes a statement. They give me all the feels, like being empowered, and like a princess...I mean a really hip, cool, bad ass princess. If you are even thinking about one of her pieces, just do it already, you deserve it!" - Cathy
 "Your art is a language unto itself. You are fortunate to be unique in an art world filled with sameness" - Johan
"I've never seen gemstones mounted like this, and I've seen alot of jewelry." - Jim